The ‘Popping Up’ of Cherfold Cottage Flowers

or six weeks between 15th November and Christmas Eve I had the amazing opportunity to promote Cherfold Cottage Flowers as a real shop!! I moved into The Old Gallery, Chiddingfold which is in a prime location with lots of lovely footfall. I’d always felt slightly frustrated that I although I have a fantastic local customer base, I was always conscious that I was only reaching a small percentage of the local population – those happy to use social media. So I moved in on 15th November very unsure of how I would be ‘received’ and whether I would actually get any customers through the door! But I needn’t have worried – word quickly spread and I had not only my wonderful regular customers and friends, but also new ones and those who had heard of Cherfold Cottage Flowers but weren’t sure how to reach me!
It was a real eye opener just how much of a commitment running a shop is, especially in the run up to Christmas, and I don’t ever remember being that tired! I was literally knee deep in wreaths, garlands, Christmas table arrangements, but also wedding enquiries, 6 wreath making workshops, two funerals and lots of flowers for a special birthday party!
Ultimately I think I prefer the freedom of being in my workshop and working in the garden, but it was an amazing opportunity and enabled me to meet so many more customers – hopeful ones I’ll keep!